About Dr. Fish

Dr. Fish, a licensed and experienced chiropractor for over 25 years, started this mobile chiropractic clinic so that even the busiest of patients can get a chiropractic treatment right away, since the doctor is available 24/7. In the past, without this flexible option, he noticed that many patients could not get treated, and therefore their backs suffered. These patients are those that:

  • Are too busy to drive to, and wait at, a chiropractic clinic
  • Want to be treated, but not inside their home
  • Need emergency chiropractic care
  • Need an after hours chiropractor so that they could get treated before work, after hours, late in the evenings, and weekends
  • Suffer from painful conditions that make it difficult to drive, like sports injuries, or a back that gave out
  • Don’t have time to leave work
  • Don’t have anyone to watch their kids while being treated, or it is too much of a hassle to bring all of the kids along to a chiropractic appointment
  • Those that prefer to stay out of crowded waiting rooms due to COVID health concerns or those that want more privacy

He discovered a way to equip everything that a brick-and-mortar chiropractic office has such as a full-size adjusting table and all physical therapy modalities and place it into a mobile vehicle, so more people could get chiropractic treatment. Thus, Dr. Fish is the chiropractor who makes “house calls” but without having to inconvenience the patient by coming into their home, and without using a flimsy, portable table that other typical mobile chiropractors may use.

Thus, by making chiropractic treatment, care, and service more convenient and flexible, more patients could receive care.