The dangers of overeating

The holidays are a time to spend time with family and enjoy really good food. Sometimes we eat a bit too much, and it can pose some serious health concerns.

Overeating not only causes you to gain weight, but it impacts your sleep, puts stress on your organs, and increases your chances of serious health conditions.

When we consume large quantities of good, our stomach has to secrete extra hormones and enzymes to break down the food; these enzymes are limited in quantity, so the food remains in the stomach longer and is likely to turn to fat.

Our body only has a limited supply of blood and energy, so when large quantities of food are consumed, most of the blood and energy is devoted towards the breakdown of the food and there is less resources available for the brain and limbs.

Organ malfunctioning is another health risk due to overeating. Kidney, liver, stomach and other organs that take part in digestion and assimilation of food become highly prone to disorders.

Overeating  impacts your sleep patterns too, because your circadian clock regulates your sleep and hormone levels during the day and when you consume larger than normal meals, the normal circadian rhythm is interrupted.

All of this gives credence to the saying, “everything in moderation”.

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