Mental Health and Chiropractic Care

%Santa Clarita Chiropractor %Chiropractic Care VanIf anxiety or depression is an mental issue, chiropractic care may help.  

A chiropractor takes advantage of the  mind-body approach so that when a person is adjusted, endorphins are released, making the person “feel” better, improving his or her mental outlook.  In addition to chiropractic adjustments, chiropractors take a holistic approach and look at physical therapy, exercise, diet, and supplements.

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illnesses people suffer from in the United States and depression is the most prevalent cause of disability.

Some of the most common physical symptoms of anxiety and depression are:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Body aches
  • Inability to relax

How does chiropractic treatment alleviate these symptoms?

1. A lowering of blood pressure is a best  chiropracting to keep good Mental

There have been studies that show that chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy reduce blood pressure and stress symptoms.   2.  

2.  All natural approach

Patients taking anxiety and depression medications often experience side effects.  Since chiropractic combats anxiety and depression symptoms, a patient could potentially reduce the amount of medication that they are currently taking, but only under the advice and supervision of their medical doctor.

3.  Spinal manipulation triggers a positive hormone response

Studies show that after getting a chiropractic adjustment, your body triggers an increase in hormones such as neurotensin, oxytocin, and cortisol. These hormones are involved in positive nervous system functioning, such as:

  • Neurotensin: neutralizes stress-induced pain
  • Oxytocin: boosts neuro-communication and feelings of social bonding
  • Cortisol: blocks pain deriving from inflammation

4.  Help a person sleep better to remove Mental Pressure

Studies suggest  that some chiropractic manipulation may improve patient sleep patterns

5. Relieves tension, stiffness and headaches

Patients with anxiety and/or depression also suffer from muscular tension, which contributes to headaches. Chiropractic care can aid in reducing tension and stiffness. In addition, it can help relieve pain related to tension headaches, as many patients who live with mental health disorders also suffer from migraines. This kind of relief can have a big impact on those with anxiety and/or depression by removing these painful symptoms. 

6. Encourages relaxation to get Mental Health

Last but not least, chiropractic care helps relax patients. The atmosphere of a chiropractic session can make the patient feel less stressed and his/her muscles more relaxed. Studies that measure electrical activity in muscles found that after a chiropractic adjustment, muscle activity was reduced by 25%. This is great evidence of relaxation during a chiropractic session. This kind of relaxation can really help patients suffering from stress and tension as a result of anxiety and/or depression.

Overall, chiropractic care can have a positive impact on patients’ mental health. 

If you’re looking for relief from your mental health symptoms, chiropractic care is a proven method that may improve your quality of life in the long run.

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