Maybe a flexitarian diet is easier to follow?

The flexitarian diet is a plan that limits meat and fish, but does not completely eliminate it. The major focus is to add more plant-based foods, and since it allows for occasional meat and fish, it may be easier for people to follow and stick to the plan.

There are different ways to incorporate this into your lifestyle–some people have specific days of the week that are non-meat, like “meatless Monday”–others follow a regimen of every other day including a animal protein. I also knew of a person who followed a vegetarian diet for one week and then allowed animal protein into her meals the following week.

For more details, check out the book, entitled “The Flexitarian Diet”, written by Dawn Jackson Blatner, who developed this diet.

CBD-hype or hope?

More and more products are showing up promoting the benefits of CBD oil as a cure for cancer, stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, easing nerve pain, and fibromyalgia.

But what’s the truth?

So far there is no hard-core evidence that CBD oil is helpful for any of these conditions. Further more, there is no regulation on the purity of the product nor the quantity of CBD that is contained.

Therefore, best to be a bit cynical and wait for further evidence before investing in any of these CBD products.

3-Second Superfood Breakfast Recipe

No one feels much like eating when it is hot outside, but breakfast is a very important meal that often gets skipped because of the effort and time involved.

However, what if making breakfast was as quick as 3 seconds?

Simply blend kale, pineapple and banana together in a blender or Ninja blender or food processor–for extra protein add Greek yogurt, sweetened or not, depending upon your taste preferences!!

The best part of this is that it will fill you up, so you could drink this at other meal times, and eat less–it will help you lose weight, without feeling “hungry”.

Keto + Chiropractic = Success!

Did you know that part of the pain you experience prior to visiting a chiropractor is caused by inflammation? Therefore, if you can find ways to reduce the inflammatory process, you will experience less pain.

Researchers as early as 2015 from the National Institute of Health discovered that a keto diet has anti-inflammatory properties; therefore, to reduce inflammation consider the keto diet.