The dangers of overeating

The holidays are a time to spend time with family and enjoy really good food. Sometimes we eat a bit too much, and it can pose some serious health concerns.

Overeating not only causes you to gain weight, but it impacts your sleep, puts stress on your organs, and increases your chances of serious health conditions.

When we consume large quantities of good, our stomach has to secrete extra hormones and enzymes to break down the food; these enzymes are limited in quantity, so the food remains in the stomach longer and is likely to turn to fat.

Our body only has a limited supply of blood and energy, so when large quantities of food are consumed, most of the blood and energy is devoted towards the breakdown of the food and there is less resources available for the brain and limbs.

Organ malfunctioning is another health risk due to overeating. Kidney, liver, stomach and other organs that take part in digestion and assimilation of food become highly prone to disorders.

Overeating  impacts your sleep patterns too, because your circadian clock regulates your sleep and hormone levels during the day and when you consume larger than normal meals, the normal circadian rhythm is interrupted.

All of this gives credence to the saying, “everything in moderation”.

Stretch all day long and reap the benefits!

We all know to stretch before exercise as it will help us to avoid injuries but did you know that stretching all day long is very beneficial?

Ever wake up in the morning tired and sore? This is often caused by the wrong sleep position, a bad pillow, or a worn mattress. If you stretch first thing when you wake up, all those muscles that have tightened up during the night will loosen up and alleviate a lot of the pain.

Also, tense muscles play a big factor in creating bad posture which can shorten the muscles in the back, chest and shoulders and cause pain when you move–if you stretch these muscles during the day the muscles won’t shorten, posture is restored, and the pain is eliminated.

Stretching on a regular basis improves blood flow which in turn regulates body temperature, improve circulation, and sharpen concentration. It also opens up the spine, giving a “rush” that helps a person feel good and energized.

So, keep on stretching!

Which oatmeal is best for Type 2 Diabetes

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Does Noom work?

During the holiday season it may be difficult to keep the pounds off–alot of people have been hearing about the Noom diet, which is a health and fitness app that starts off by asking users to set up their target weight and record their current weight.

The users then record their daily food intake and activity/exercise.

The app then generates reports displaying the user’s weight rends, calories and nutritional summaries along with suggestions as to the types of exercises that could be done to achieve the user’s desired weight.

Overall, from a study conducted of users from October 10, 2012 to April 4, 2014, and excluding certain app users for various reasons, overall the user’s lost 10% or more, with the highest percentage of lost weight being men.

One of the most important factors influencing the results was the input of the user’s dinner food intake-those that entered that data appeared to lose more weight.

For a more detailed analysis of the results, go to: